how to get leads on facebook

Would you like to know the exact sources on how to get leads on Facebook for absolutely free? 

See, when it comes to prospecting on Facebook and building your audience, a lot of people struggle where to find people. I used to myself as well. But when you look around, people are everywhere. 

On Facebook alone there’s 1,5 Billion people. Do you still think you’re gonna run out of people to talk to about your business? 

So in terms of finding people it’s not that difficult, but I had to bring up this subject, so that everyone could use it in their business, and stop complaining that there are not enough people and market is saturated. 

There are 3 main ways on how to get leads on Facebook. I’m only covering free ones, and you can get very very targeted, without doing paid advertising (this is great if you’re brand new or if you’re a seasoned marketer and want to expand).

1.Fan Pages

Depending on your niche, whether it is home business, health and wellness or golfing, you should do a little bit of research on fan pages that are specific to your niche that you market in. If you are in the home business niche like I am, you can target pages like Robert Kiyosaki, Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, etc. 

And what’s good about targeting people from fan pages, is that they are actively engaging on the posts – they are liking, commenting and sharing, and more likely they will respond to you if you send them a message. But don’t try to message every single person, you should know your perfect prospect and the people that you wanna work with in your business.

So when you send them a message, always check their profile before doing that, and see if it’s obvious what they are promoting by their page, or not. Because if it’s visibly that they are in XYZ company, and you ask them “what are you doing online?”, they’ll see that you haven’t even taken the time to check them out. In the initial message (and in every message always mention their name – this is the most favorite word that people hear), give them a reason why you are connecting, give them a compliment, and ask a question. Pretty easy. Don’t try to over-complicate this process.

How To Get Leads On Facebook

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2.Facebook Groups

I’m testing this source right now, and from what I see those people who are hanging out on fan pages are a lot more responsive, but what’s good about these people, is that they are already exposed to the network marketing concept, or they have been in the industry in the past, or they are looking for something. You can refine your search by the date people joined the group.

Don’t target people who are spamming the group with their spammy links, they are not the best prospects that you can find. However, if you see that someone is posting a network marketing opportunity, or MLM products, you can certainly reach out to them and ask them how this strategy works for them, and if you have a training platform like this, you can offer it to them as a solution. 

3.Facebook Graph Search

If you don’t have it, all you need to do is go to your settings and choose English (US) as a language, and you will be able to use the top search bar, which is called graph search. What’s cool about the graph search, is you can get extremely targeted. You can search for people who like particular fan pages, or for groups that leaders are a part of, or people who live in certain countries or cities, or states. 

Here are some of the examples that you can search for: 

  • People who like Network Marketing Pro and live in Florida
  • People who are friends of my friends and like Tony Robbins
  • Groups joined by {leader’s name}

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