How To Close More Sales

Would you like to know how to close more sales in your business with one simple, but powerful technique?

This trick or technique work really really well when you talk to your prospects on the phone, or Skype, or when you cold call your leads, or even if you’re using Audio messaging on Facebook. The last one is really great, cause you can connect with people on Facebook and basically “talk” with them by sending audio messages to each other (this only works on mobile and tablets, not on computer). 

One of the most important things in business is communication, and it’s especially critical when you call people or connect with them on the phone. The way you communicate will change your business. You can’t neglect this skill.

Do you think you’re a bad closer? Let me tell ya, you’re WRONG! Every single one of us can communicate, can talk to each other. Here are 2 examples for you, so that you can stop making this excuse: when you go to a job interview, you always sell yourself, you tell your future boss why they should hire you over someone else, why should they pay attention to YOU; and another one is whenever you go to a party or to an event and you meet new people, you sell yourself by telling who you are and why do you meet them.

How To Close More Sales

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There are certain things that you should know about communication to be able to use it more effectively. First of all, stop thinking about WHAT you say, and focus on HOW you say. Words are only 7% of the whole communication. Don’t focus on them too much. Sometimes people don’t really pay attention to what you say. What they do pay attention to is your tonality, which is 38% of the communication. And that’s a big part.

If you watched the video above, you will hear the tonality that I speak with. I’m not talking like a robot, I’m putting stress on important words and sentences. Don’t talk without any tonality, because your prospects will be bored. And this even applies to videos that you do – don’t be boring. Be entertaining and fun! 

So you thought tonality was a big part of the communication? Here’s another one – your ENERGY, which takes 55% of it. Fifty Five!! That’s insane! Whenever you talk to someone, you gotta be excited about your offer, because if you’re not, neither your prospect will. When you talk boringly, it’s not appealing. People want to be a part of some kind of a movement, they wanna work with energetic people. And you have to create that excitement with your energy that you speak with! 

Your prospects are already bored and exhausted of their jobs and what they’re doing in their lives, they want a change. And you gotta give it to them! It really doesn’t matter what you promote, what matters is how you deliver your message.  

Here are a couple more tips for effective communication:

  • Don’t chase people, don’t beg them to join. Give them information, so that they can make an educated decision based on what you told them. 
  • Don’t ever be relaxed when you’re on the phone. Your prospect will sense that and won’t be attracted to your offer.
  • Mirror your prospect – the way he speaks and his tonality, and energy (but always be of a little bit higher energy than them).
  • Always be a person of high energy and in a sense of urgency.

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