How To Avoid Tyre Kickers

When it comes to building a network marketing business, there will always be 2 types of people that you’re gonna come across. And you gotta be prepared for that. 

The first group is tyre kickers, who will only whine, and complain, and make all kinds of excuses that they can’t do it. They will ask you dumb questions, that they can simply google and get it answered. They will eat you up and your time. 

And the second group are action takers, these are the people that you should be looking for. They have the “whatever it takes” attitude, they don’t make excuses not to take action, they are coachable, and willing to learn and invest in their education, because they know what it takes to succeed.

In this blog post and video I’m gonna share with you how to avoid tyre kickers, and some of these tips will help you recruit more qualified people into your business.

With regards to finding prospects, I’m using Facebook a lot, and in this post I shared the 3 places where you can find people to talk to about your business. And it’s not just about connecting with every single person, and trying to recruit everyone who’s breathing. That’s not how you should be building a business. When you’re trying to sign up every single person, you seem desperate. And you don’t wanna do that. 

What I recommend to do first – always look at people’s profiles. What are they sharing on their page, what kind of language are they using, what do they already do, what keeps them busy. Do they look like someone that you would love to connect with, do you think you’d like to work with them? Answer those questions before sending an initial message to them. Defining your perfect customer avatar is so essential.

You can even go into details in terms of business – have they done internet marketing before, or network marketing, do they understand the basics or they’re completely brand new, or they’ve been involved for a while but been struggling? 

How To Avoid Tyre Kickers & Recruit For Success

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What I’m personally doing in terms of pre-qualifying people, I direct them to an application form, that is either hosted on my blog, or in a tool called Wufoo. If a person is serious, they’re gonna fill out the form, if not – they’re not serious. That’s how I do it, and it works. I don’t wanna spend time cold calling people who are not committed and not serious. And then I go through the application, and see if they’re a good fit for my business or for any offers that I promote. I decide if they’re a fit, NOT them. I don’t wanna baby sit everyone on my team. I don’t wanna spend time helping them with technical things like setting up an autoresponder – they can google it and figure out how to do that. 

Then after this process, I get with applicants on Skype, and we go over some questions, I figure out where they’re at right now, what are their biggest challenges, how long have they been in the industry (if been at all). And when you actually TALK to people, you hear by their voice whether they are motivated to do this business. You will hear everything, and see if they’re qualified to work with you.

And like I mentioned earlier, I want people that are a little bit familiar with technology, or they at least know how to google and youtube stuff. I’m not here to help them setup a blog, or create a header, or a banner. That’s now why I’m here. I’m here to help them generate more leads and brand themselves online with blogging and social media.

Another thing I want you to remember is you attract who you are. If you’re struggling yourself, if you’re still trying to figure everything out on your own, you will attract those kinds of people. You have to get clarity yourself first – either go to events, or invest in coaching and necessary courses, cause that’s what I did. 

Once you start taking massive action CONSISTENTLY, people are gonna notice you, and you will attract more qualified prospects to you and your business. 

And even if you have someone asking some technical questions like how to setup a Facebook Fan Page or something like that, I can shoot a quick video and repurpose that into a blog post and give away some tips on how to use it properly. Bud I’d only do that if it’s something that a lot of people need and are going to use. Other than that, everyone can google and search for videos on youtube regarding any topic.

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