Facebook Ads 101

Have you ever done Facebook advertising? If not, then I’m gonna share with you how to do them in this Facebook Ads 101 training

I got this question recently from someone, and I totally understand why it was asked, because every time I go to Facebook Ads Manager, there’s something new every single day. They keep adding updates, changing interface, removing something. So you gotta keep up with them. 

So before I dig into this, why Facebook ads? Why do you even have to pay attention? 

  • Facebook has close to 1,5 Billion active users
  • Facebook is the biggest social media advertising platform compared to others
  • You can get extremely targeted
  • Ads can be very cheap if you learn how to do them properly

Now, what you should know when it comes to doing Facebook ads, always read their rules FIRST. You don’t want to get your ads account get shut down. That’s where a lot of people lose their accounts due to not following the rules. 

Here are several things that will help you keep your account safe

  • Never mention things like “make money online”, “mlm”, “network marketing”, “get rich quick”. Facebook HATES that, and they WILL shut you down. 
  • Don’t ever make false promises, like “lose 10kg in 2 days”, or “make 10k in 2 hours”.
  • Images are important – and if you put text on images, remember that it can only cover 20% of the image.
  • Also if you’re directing people to free training about Facebook strategies, you can’t use Facebook logo on images.

You can read all the policies here. They’re not very long, but you’ll be glad you did!

Once you are familiar with the Facebook rules, you are ready to start creating ads (remember, you need to have a Fan Page for that). There are multiple objectives for the ads. I don’t use them all. These are the ones that I recommend for you to use: Boost Your Posts, Send People To Your Website (clicks to website) and Increase Conversions On Your Website. All of them are pretty simple to setup. Watch the video below to learn how to do that in details.

Facebook Ads 101 – Walkthrough


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