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Since blogging is my main strategy, I’ve been learning it for quite a while, I can give you a ton of blogging tips, and I’ve already done plenty of training on this topic. In fact, I just bought this incredible course by Ray Higdon, and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re serious about taking your blogging to the next level.

But in today’s article I share 5 reasons why a lot of people fail at blogging. It may seem easy on the outside, but when you don’t know what you’re doing, you will be lost and you won’t get any positive outcome. 

It’s important that you really GET it, and don’t make these mistakes that I’m about to share with you. 

1.You follow what everyone else is doing. You have a crowded navigation, tons of banners on the sidebar and all over the place. Your blog is basically stuffed with all kinds of affiliate offers. And guess what? When you have TOO MUCH, it decreases click through rate. People won’t know where to click, and as a result, they won’t click anywhere at all. This way you’re losing leads and potential sales in your business.

I’ve tested this myself, and it didn’t work – I didn’t get a lot of leads. Now if you look at the sidebar of my blog, you’ll see that I only have a couple banners, well, actually 2 of them. That’s it. And guess what? It freaking WORKS! I get leads all the time. I do switch them every once in a while, depending on the offers that are out there.

Don’t spam your blog with affiliate links and business opportunity promotions. You are a professional, and you should act as such. People won’t treat you seriously if all you do is spamming links all over the place. The purpose of a blog is to generate leads, and you can do that by providing valuable content, which leads to your offer.

When you have bad copy in your content and headlines, people won’t stick around on your blog for a very long time – they are going to leave. Even if you’re not a highly skilled copywriter, don’t worry. You can learn the basics, and how to create compelling, catchy headlines. I suggest you to do the keyword research first, and then spend as much time as you can on the headline (not on the content itself). Headline is what gets the click. If the headlines is not appealing, you won’t get a lot of traffic.

Blogging Tips – Why Most People Fail

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2.You fail to create a sense of mystery. Whenever someone goes to your blog, and they immediately see what company or program you are promoting. Everything is just crystal clear. Don’t make it obvious. You gotta create a sense of mystery, so that people can dig your blog and beg you for information about what you do. 

Your blog visitors have to explore your website, see what you’re all about, and either sign up to your newsletter to get more information about what you do, or even fill out an application form to speak to you on the phone. 

And guess what happens when your blog visitors see what company you are promoting? They may already know about the company, or they may google that, find some negative feedback on it, and never join. You lose sign ups like this. 

3.You don’t share any value. What I noticed by checking out so many different blogs, some people don’t share real value. They share some of their results and then they point people to their primary business to find out what they’re doing in their business. This is the wrong approach. If you wanna follow a similar strategy, you have to give a sneak peek on what’s working for you and what strategies you’re using, and if people wanna work with more closely and help them implement what you’re doing, you can offer them to fill out an application. This is a lot more professional, and that way you actually give out value. 

People are not looking for a new company, they are looking for leadership, for training, for tips how they can improve their existing business. And if you are promoting any type of training or products, you have to give value first, build relationships with your audience, and the trust factor. And only THEN they will buy your stuff.

4.You don’t have a personality. Don’t ever try to be someone else. Be unique, stand out from everyone else. Always be YOU, because people will buy YOU before they buy your products or services, or business opportunity. And this applies to practically everything that you do on the marketplace – to blog posts, to videos. Speak with your own language.

What I always do and recommend to everyone – write a blog post the way you talk in real life. People have to listen to YOUR voice. Don’t try to become someone that you’re not. And when people see that you’re different, they will be more attracted to you.

5.You fail to blog strategically. Blogging without a purpose is like shooting an arrow with your eyes closed. And that’s what happened to me when I first started out. I didn’t have a strategy in place. You MUST have an end goal in mind with everything that you do, especially with blogging. 

You gotta know what call to actions you will have on your blog, what do you want your visitors to do. Do you want them to opt in to your list? Do you want them fill out an application, or do you want them to buy a certain product?

You have to put your blog visitors through a journey – you give them value through a blog post, then you direct them to an opt in page, then they see a sales page, etc. 

Another thing you absolutely MUST know is how people come to your site – do they come through social media, do they find your blog through search engines? You need to do blog syndication, SEO and keyword research. These are all essential things that you should do when it comes to blogging.

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