About Me

Hello and Welcome to My Blog! I’m Jelena Ostrovska!

DSC07846Have you ever thought that there’s MORE to life? Have you ever wondered that you can Inspire people, Impact other people’s lives, actually help people and finally make a Difference in the world? Have you ever wanted to have Time Freedom and a profitable business, that would allow you to travel the world and build your business as long as you have your computer and Internet access?

That was me back in the middle of 2013 when I was still in High School, looking for a college to apply my documents to. I always had a dream of becoming a Fashion Designer, but when I was in the process of choosing my profession, a lot of people told me that it wouldn’t be profitable and only few people become successful in the Fashion Industry. So after that I had many more ideas about my future profession – from a lawyer to computer programmer. I had absolutely NO idea what I was going to do in my life. All I knew was that I had to find a good university, and good universities are usually very pricey. So I figured that I had to earn money first and only then apply to any university I wanted to. So that’s when I found out about Network Marketing Industry.1556486_807122355967694_5437612990280291126_o

And in May, 2013 I joined my first network marketing company. I saw HUGE opportunities in this business, but the problem was that I had nobody to help me out, to coach me, to tell me everything about this business and how to build it the right way. I talked to all of my friends and family members about the product that we had and the business opportunity, but no one seemed to be interested in it. So I decided to go to Social Media and start marketing there and look for people who needed extra income and who had a need for the product. So I began to look for people and I messaged each and everyone of them. I did sign a few people up into my business, but I had no idea what to do next. I didn’t know much about team building, about duplication, about doing team webinars etc. So I quit this company in 2014 and was out of marketing for about 2 months.

You may think that I gave up on the industry? Absolutely NOT. I started to look for another company, I knew there was something else, something that I would truly believe in, something that I would be passionate about. And I did find a new company, I finally got into a good team, I got a great mentor who is always helping me out, and I finally got the support that I lacked in my previous network marketing venture. So 2014 was the year when I actually started to learn about the business, its fundamentals, about team building, about leadership. So that’s where I really started to be serious about this industry.

After a couple of months I found out about the Training Platform called My Lead System Pro. And it was a total game changer for me. I have learned a lot of different marketing strategies that I didn’t know about earlier. They teach you exactly step by step what it takes to build a successful business online. So if you’re struggling in your business, if you don’t know how to generate leads online, and how to get more sign ups in your business, this system is for you! 

My business has really transformed since I joined MLSP, now I generate leads on a daily business, and I never run out of people to talk to. 

So I am truly blessed to be able to run my business online at the age of 20, while most of my friends are studying in colleges and looking for a job. They are still judging me that I didn’t apply to college (and right now I’m not even planning to), but I definitely found that right place to stick around, and it’s Network Marketing Profession. 

10922328_934859389860656_6140095140559154460_oIf I went to college, I wouldn’t be able to have complete FREEDOM, I wouldn’t be able to travel around the world. And guess what? English is not even my native language. So if I can do it without any marketing experience, at the age of 20, so can YOU. As long as you have a clear vision and goals, you can achieve anything you want. You have greatness within you, I believe in YOU. Just keep learning and implementing new strategies in your business, and you’ll accomplish the desired success. Always remain Consistent and Never Give Up! 

It’s great to meet you My New Friend, feel free to contact me any time and let me know if you need any help with your marketing! 

Jelena Ostrovska