6 Rules Of Marketing & Communicating Your Offer

Recently I’ve been re-reading Mike Dillard’s book “Magnetic Sponsoring”. The last time I read it was about 8 or 10 months ago. 

Why would I re-read the book? Because as you grow in this industry, you will learn different things along the way, and when you read a book in the beginning of your career, you may not understand several things, which you understand now. 

That’s why I re-read it, and I’m gonna be reading it again in about 6 months. And I gotta tell you, every time I read it, I always learn something new. 

So if you haven’t read it yet, pick it up on Amazon, there’s a physical copy available as well.

In one of the chapters Mike outlined 6 rules of marketing and communicating any offer and any business that you promote offline and online. These rules apply to every marketing piece that you put out there – to phone calls, to emails, to videos, to blog posts, to webinars, etc.

Rule #1: People are lazy

That’s just the way it is. People want better, faster, easier, cheaper. And it goes with everything. If it’s an email, it has to be straight and to the point. If it’s a video, it has to be filled with value, and again straight and to the point, no fluff. People are looking for information, and they want to get it fast. 

And guess what? Wealthy people are usually the laziest ones, because they are always looking for ways to simplify their life as much as they possibly can.

6 Rules Of Marketing & Communicating An Offer

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Rule #2: Every action and decision is based on attaining pleasure or avoiding pain

So every time you deliver content for your audience, ask yourself – how can I help them get closer to their pleasure and get rid of pain? You have to share the solution to their problems or map out the vision for them – what’s possible if they do certain things.

Entrepreneurs always provide solution, no matter what marketing method they use – blogging, video, social media. Entrepreneurship is all about providing pain killers.

That’s why you gotta do in your business. Whenever you put a marketing piece out there, you have to show how to get rid of pain or how to get closer to pleasure – how to reach the goals. That’s it. 

Especially when it comes to email marketing – to headlines. You have to really take your time whenever you write headlines, because that’s how your content will be read. It has to be compelling and attractive. 

Rule #3: The desire to avoid pain is greater than the desire to attain pleasure

People always want to avoid the circumstances that they are in right now, they want to escape their situation, their 9-5 job. They are always trying to get rid of negative energy in their life. And as a result, they stay in their comfort zones and don’t move forward in their business, and they’re no trying to do anything about it. They don’t push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

The example that Mike Dillard gives is pretty much self explanatory. Let’s say you need to call prospect John, but it’s already 10pm in his timezone, and you say “I can’t call him right now, it’s too late”, and as a result you don’t call him. 

People are afraid to leave their comfort zones and do something very uncomfortable that will bring them results. So instead of taking action they are making excuses.

Rule #4: People will do almost anything to avoid pain

You are the one that’s gotta show them a way how to get rid of their challenges and frustrations. This is basically a survival instinct. People are always trying to stay safe, where they are at right now.

But once you present them an opportunity that will allow them to overcome their problems and cure their pain, they are genetically coded to attain that solution.

Rule #5: People would rather learn how to do something than actually do it

There are so many different courses and trainings about different marketing methods on the Internet, which you can buy. And the thing is people love to learn the information, but the problem is that they never actually implement it. And that’s why they never get results in their business. 

So that’s what basically happens – they go through the course, they are impressed with the information that they just got, but they don’t put it into action due to some fears, or some setbacks, or they think they’re not good enough to do that.

So when it comes to marketing your products or offers, you have to make it super simple for people to take action on. It doesn’t matter what kind of information it is, you have to give them actionable steps that they can go and implement straight away. People like simplicity.  

Rule #6: People want what they can’t / don’t have

They may have some problems or challenges that they’re going through at this point in their life, so they have goals in their mind that they want to accomplish. They want something that they don’t have right now. 

So people naturally gravitate towards those people who have it, because they’ve done some things differently and as a result got a different outcome, which means that they can teach you how to do the exact same thing and achieve what you haven’t achieved YET. 

And that’s how marketing works. You gotta learn the strategy, you gotta implement it, and then get results. Later on you can position yourself as a leader, who can teach your audience how to do the same. This way you will attract people to you. 

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