5 Cash Flow Components

There are 5 cash flow components that apply to any business, and especially if you are building your business online. I learned them from Mike Dillard’s book “Magnetic Sponsoring”, you can pick up this book on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

I read this book several months ago, and decided now it was the perfect time to recap all the information and re-fresh it in my mind. And I’ll be reading it again in 6 months. I like that this book is pretty short, straight and to the point. 

I’m telling you, this book is absolutely life-changing. I don’t know whether I would be in this industry or not had I not read this book. Yes, it is THAT good. It will make everything crystal clear in your business, if you feel stuck. 

If you are brand new in the home business or online marketing industry, or even if you are a seasoned network marketer and want to take your business online, this book is for you! 

1.The Traffic / Prospect Generator

This is something that’s going to work for you on a complete autopilot – 24/7. This basically refers to paid advertising, because this is one of the very few things that can run without you touching it. You pay for traffic, and you get leads for your business like clockwork. 

Your business grows as long as you grow your list of subscribers and qualified prospects that are interested in what you have to offer. There are multiple ways of how you can get targeted traffic to your offers. Just to name a few – solo ads, Facebook ads, banner ads, YouTube ads. I’ve done plenty of training on this topic, just search my blog for it! 

If you’re just getting started, I recommend for you to pick one traffic method, and work on it until you are a master at it. Don’t get confused with doing too many things – that’s not the way to build your business, this is the way to be frustrated for a very long time. You don’t wanna do this! 

What you have to understand is that your marketing pipeline should always be full of new prospects that you can talk to about your business.

5 Cash Flow Components

2.The Marketing Pipeline

This is your funnel to which you send targeted traffic of prospects. This funnel is going to bring in leads and sales on a complete autopilot. And it has to include these 3 basic things: 

  • Capture page – it has to be something eye-popping that will catch their attention and require them to enter name and email address for an exchange of a piece of valuable content (ebook, video training, etc.).
  • It should position you as a leader and as an expert in your niche, not as a sales person, people don’t like to be sold, but they like to buy.
  • Self Liquidating Offer – this is a little product priced between $7 to $50, that will cover your advertising expense, which allows you to re-invest it back into traffic, so that you can have unlimited amount of leads.

3.The Cash Register

The cash register will product you the money on autopilot (yes, these are autopilot cash flow components). This is either a system product that you may use or you can use any payment processing system that will do the work for you. There are plenty out there. 

All the money that cash register brings you, you will re-invest back into traffic. Remember, it’s not supposed to bring you in profit. This is not where you make the profit in your business. You need to have leads for your business, and that’s the way to do it. 

4.The Retail Product

This is like a system that positions your primary business and sells it for you. You can offer a system like this one, or you can create your own product, and position your primary business. This product can also bring you residual income. You can check out this system that I’m using to build my business online, and that’s going to help YOU too. 

You don’t have to sell it yourself if you can’t or don’t want to, let the system do the selling-telling for you. You may have a system in your primary network marketing business already, so use it!

5.Your MLM Business

This is your primary business opportunity that you promote on the back-end, or the one that your system sells for you. That’s where you make the big money. This is where the big residual income comes in.

This is now how you make small commissions, this is how you make long term, sustainable income.

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