3 Stages Of Motivation

Recently I picked up a very popular book by Brendon Burchard called The Motivation Manifesto

I’m still reading it, because it came with a 12 week bonus course, where Brendon literally explains the book in details, cause it’s not an easy read (at least not for me, since I’m not a native speaker). 

Anyways, in the book he shares a LOT of the information on how to be motivated, how to overcome all kinds of fears, how to achieve your freedom, etc. 

I can’t tell you everything that’s in this book, but you can pick it up at MotivationManifesto.com and enjoy it! 

So in one of the chapters Brendon described 3 stages of motivation, which are very very powerful, and I wanted to share them with you. 

First of all, what is motivation? It’s why we do the things that we do. It’s the reason that pushes us to do it. If your why is not big enough, you’re not gonna be motivated to take action. Pretty easy.

Stage #1: Sparking Motivation

It contains of 2 things – ambition and expectancy. Everything you do in life is a choice. Ambition is a choice too. The higher your desire, the higher will be your initial sense of motivation. If you want something bad enough, your motivation is gonna be sky high, and if not, then you’re not gonna be motivated to take consistent action at all.

I really like the quote of Tony Robbins – “the bigger the why, the easier the how”. Once you know all of your goals precisely, you’re gonna take action because you know where you’re going. And if your goals are not big enough, you’re not going to pay much attention to them.

Expectancy is also a choice to believe that your dreams are possible and achievable. Because sometimes what happens is we set out goals, and then think – can I really do that? And then the motivation drops and we don’t do anything at all. And even if you have some doubts in the beginning, just look around, and you’ll see that regular people are doing that. How are you different? If they can do it, so can YOU! Other leaders don’t have super powers, or anything like that. They just did some things a little differently. You can do the exact same thing.

I like how Brendon says that in his book – desire without belief is deflating. This is absolutely true.

Don’t ever hope for motivation. You can’t generate it out of thin air. Motivation is something that comes from within, you have to generate it yourself! Choose an ambition to become motivated for.

3 Stages Of Motivation


2.Sustaining Motivation

Being motivated is one thing, but you have to sustain that motivation in order to keep going, or you’re just going to lose it. The problem is that most people lack consistency. They may do some tasks for a couple days, or for 2 weeks, or in some cases even for 30 days (very rare cases), but then they stop.

In order to sustain your motivation, you need 2 things – attention and effort. The deeper and the longer you give attention to your ambitions and passions, the more motivated you will feel. If you don’t stick long enough in any industry, or to any marketing strategy that you may be using, most likely you’re not gonna make it happen. That’s the harsh truth, and you have to get it! 

But attention is not enough, effort is what’s gonna take you closer to your goals. A lot of people put 20% of action and expect to get 80% results right away. It doesn’t work like this in the beginning. When you’re just starting out, you have to go full out and do whatever it takes. 

Stop making these stupid excuses that you don’t have enough time. We all have the same amount of hours a day – 24. What matters is how you structure your day and what activities you do on a day to day basis. And even if you do have a 9-5 job, that takes you a lot of time and energy, wake up an hour earlier and go to sleep and hour later. You can always find time if you want to. Like I always say – it always comes down to one questions “how bad do you want it?”. 

The real secret to success is to take consistent, persistent, massive action. The less consistent you are, the less motivated you will feel. I can assure you of that from my own experience. But when you start taking action every single day, you’ll start to see some results, and you’ll want to get more of them. It just gets addictive. Remember, you have to focus relentlessly on your ambitions and act towards your goals. 

3.Amplifying Motivation

And this stage also consists of 2 simple things – attitude and environment. Stop hanging out with negative people, who don’t believe in you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Spend more of your time with positive people who uplift you and make you better. And you have to be positive yourself about what you already have in your life. Be grateful. Stop complaining about the problems that you may have. Focus on solutions.

Like I mentioned earlier, everything is a choice. And even the way you show up in your business or feel and relate to the world around you, is also the choice that you make. Your attitude will impact the results that you’re getting in your business. And attitude applies to life in general, not just to business. It’s the way you react to the world and people around you. Being negative will always attract only negative energy and people to you. 

One of the quotes that I live by is “you are the average of the 5 people that you hang around with“. If your surrounding is negative people, that’s who you’re gonna be. Choose your friends wisely.

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